Australian gas prices are now rising at a faster rate than ever before. It's generally agreed that gas prices are in the process of tripling over the space of just a few short years. This will hammer both Australian hip pockets and Australian jobs.

The Grattan Institute has estimated household gas bills will rise by $435 per year. And without affordable gas, BIS Shrapnel estimates that one in five heavy manufacturers will close down, and 235,000 jobs willl be lost by 2021. But here's the most infuriating thing: gas prices could be brought under control tomorrow. The reason they are exploding now is because we are allowing large multinationals to extract our gas, liquefy it, and sell it on the global market. This is an easy problem to fix. So easy, in fact, that every gas-exporting nation does it except for Australia.

Other nations have laws so that a percentage of their gas has to be reserved for the domestic market at an affordable price. But somehow the big gas companies have convinced Australia's politicians to give them a special deal.

That's why the Reserve Our Gas campaign is so important. But to be effective we need numbers. We need you.

So please, take just a few moments and visit the campaign website and register your details.



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