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Format: 19/10/2019
Format: 19/10/2019

The 2013/14 AWU GNSW Branch Annual Report has been released by the Branch Executive.


The science of nanotechnology is slowly fi ltering into Australian workplaces, yet the health implications of working in this industry remain largely a mystery. We look at what this new era means for workers – and why Health & Safety Reps should stay informed.


There’s little in life more frustrating than a bad back. But even if your job involves regular bending or heavy lifting, there are things you can do to help make sure it’s not you lying on the couch ringing the bell for a cuppa and a bedpan! 



When a new operating system was introduced to the control room of Australian Vinyls, the company took the opportunity to rethink the way workers performed their daily roles, in a serious bid to manage fatigue at the site.


The Abbott Government's first budget has slashed programs that promote economic and employment growth and disproportionately attacked the living standards of working people, according to Australian Workers' Union.