Take Action Against Penalty Rate Cuts

Friday 24th March 2017

The bizarre decision encouraged employers who failed to establish a case for penalty rate cuts or withdrew during the hearings, to have another crack at penalty rate reductions in the foreseeable future.

Hair and beauty workers were saved from the penalty rate cuts when the employers could not establish a plausible reason for the reduction, but the Fair Work Commission is encouraging industry employer groups not to give up and make further submissions.

Russ Collison, AWU NSW Secretary said, "To be become a qualified hairdresser or beautician you must undertake an apprenticeship.  On completion, they are a qualified tradesperson, no different to any other trade."

"The only difference is hair and beauty workers are lowest paid tradespeople across all industries."

"If we allow the Fair Work Commission to decrease the hair and beauty trades people penalty rates, then the next step will be for all tradespeople and manufacturing workers' to have their penalty rates reduced!"

Russ Collison said, "This insane argument of splitting all workers' penalty rates into different tiers, some paid more than others, must be stopped."

"Sunday is a Sunday regardless who you are!"

"Sunday is a family day and a person ought to be compensated to give up their Sunday so the rest of us can enjoy ourselves."

Parliament or the Fair Work Commission don't have standard operating hours that include weekends, then how can they reduce Sunday & Public Holiday penalty rates for anyone."

Russ Collison encourages people to sign the petition to save hair and beauty industry penalty rates by clicking on: