Journey Cover Insurance

Monday 06th October 2014

AWU Financial Members have access to journey cover insurance as part of their membership.  Please read the attached documents for details and the claims process but essentially if you are injured when driving to or from work which results in you needing to take time off, your wages will be covered for up to 2 years.  Insurance coverage is subject to terms and conditions as well as if there are any other insurance arrangements that might be in place. There are also lump sum payouts available.

The need for this insurance was as a result of the Liberal / National NSW State Government removing journey cover from the workers compensation system.

Russ Collison, NSW State Secretary, said “Even though our insurance does not replace all the lost entitlements, but it gives some peace of mind for workers injured travelling to and from the workplace.”

Your AWU membership card has become more valuable so ensure you are a financial member of the AWU by contacting your local AWU official or the Granville office on 02 9897 3644.

Download Policy Information Here