AWU Journey Insurance

The NSW Branches of The Australian Workers Union (AWU – NSW) provides insurance cover for members for injuries incurred while travelling to and from work when these injuries cannot be claimed under WorkCover or Transport Accident legislation.

Automatic cover for AWU-NSW members

There is no extra membership subscription for Journey Insurance.  Employed AWU-NSW members are automatically covered by the policy while you remain a financial member.

You are not covered if you are a non-financial member. If you have any doubts about your financial status contact your AWU office.

Cover commences for new members from the date the AWU receives your first membership subscriptions.

Scope of Cover

Cover is provided for travel on a direct route by an insured member for the purpose of his or her employment with the insured member’s employer.  This includes cover for meal breaks and travel to places of education or assessment on behalf of your employer. 

Direct route means travel between an insured member’s place of residence and his or her place of employment and includes any minor deviations or interruptions which in no way increase the risk of injury that would have normally arisen had the insured person travelled directly. This includes travel on a direct route by an Insured Person to a venue of study related to his or her employment.

What is the cover provided?

The AWU NSW Journey Insurance provides financial members up to 65 years of age with:

·        A Weekly Accident Benefit up to 100% of Income to a maximum of $2,000 per week.

·        Benefit period of up to 104 weeks (after a 14-day waiting period);

·        Death & Capital Benefits up to $100,000;

Additional benefits that help with your rehabilitation and return to work.

Making a claim

If you have had an accident and need to claim Journey Insurance you should take the following steps:

·       Immediately attend a doctor as cover only applies from the date of the first attendance with a qualified medical practitioner. “Doctor” means a legally registered medical practitioner who is not an insured person or their relative;

·       You will need to have a medical certificate to prove that you are absent from work due to the injury so that the insurer can reimburse your lost salary;

·       Contact the AWU NSW Branch or Chifley Insurance brokers for the journey cover insurance claim forms;

·       Fullerton Health Corporate Services (Fullerton) is the insurer’s selected claims handlers for Journey Injury claims. You should notify Fullerton in writing within 30 days of the incident occurring or as soon as reasonably practical after the date of the accident.


Claim lodgement details

Please forward claim details using one of the following lodgement methods.

(Please keep a copy of all documents sent to Fullerton)

Claim lodgement details


(Please keep a copy of all documents sent to Proclaim)


Postal Address:

Fullerton Health Corporate Services

Level 10, 33 York Street

Sydney NSW 2000  



Email Address:



Fax No:

02 8256 1775




Phone Number:

Once the claim form has been completed, sent, and received by Fullerton, claim inquiries can be made to Fullerton on:

02 8256 1770


Download the AWU Journey Insurance Policy Summary


If you have any questions regarding lodging a claim please contact The AWU NSW Branch on 1300 763 223 or Chifley Insurance Brokers on 1800 800 002.